The Hague – Skate Park

Today has been a good day.Actually... for the first time this year I got that "springy" feeling. Yup, it's a fact - spring has spring here in The Netherlands. I went for a 2 1/2 hour photo walk to the old center of The Hague, my hometown. Walked through the Parliament Building Complex, Central Station and I decided to stay for a little while … [Read more...]

Rotterdam – The Netherlands

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The self - proclaimed city of hard workers, no nonsense, tell it like it is people. It's a city with many faces - in the good sense of the word. Not known by many people that live outside of Holland is the fact the old city center was bombarded by the Germans in the beginning of the Second Wolrd War, over 70 years … [Read more...]

Chuck Deely – Faces of The Hague

Chuck Deely - Faces of The Hague

Chuck Deely is a street musician who has been playing on the streets of The Hague for the better part of fourteen years now. Many of the people in The Hague know him by his first name only (Chuck, ¬†Chucky) or they know him as the HEMA singer. HEMA is the name of the store he often plays, in the shopping center of the city. He also plays at 'his' … [Read more...]

The Hague streets

The Hague Urban

The Hague streets - urban life and nomination. The Hague is my hometown. I was born there, back in '58 and have been living there all my life. It's a city like no other. The people there are unique, like everywhere else. But *they* are a special breed. Unique - but one thing The Hague has, is diversity. More that 180 ethnic groups live in this … [Read more...]

Push Your Film

Push Your Film

Going through some photography clips on YouTube I ran across a clip from¬†GritStreet Photography. They were talking about - what they called - "Pushing Your Film". The whole idea is about "forgetting your fear for grainy pictures". In today's digital time we forgot about how it used to be. Shooting on 35mm film and developing your own pictures. … [Read more...]



Things have been going crazy over this weekend. Setting up my website makes my mind overflow with idea's. True... I have invested a lot of time over the last year to get things working on Google Plus in the photography field. Sharing posts, making mistakes, becoming a member of the wrong groups, over- and misuse of the sharing tags. You name it, I … [Read more...]

Delft – The Netherlands – Graffiti Project

Delft - The Netherlands - Graffiti Project

Today I went to Delft - The Netherlands. A co-worker (Jessica M.) told me about this awesome project going on in Delft. The location was the "Irene Tunnel" close to their little station. For years now, the government has been building and re-building there, in an effort to make Delft more accessible by train. Building new tracks, removing the old … [Read more...]

Welcome – again

Welcome - again

At first - when I re-started this blog - I was thinking about naming the first post "The Awakening" or "The Phoenix rises", but I decided against it.Way to bombastic. The blog has a history. It started out as a "anything goes" type of blog, called "Blogorama", followed by "The Jan Bierens dot Com" when I switched from a Wordpress dot org site to a … [Read more...]