The Hague streets

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The Hague streets – urban life and nomination.

The Hague is my hometown. I was born there, back in ’58 and have been living there all my life. It’s a city like no other. The people there are unique, like everywhere else. But *they* are a special breed.

Unique – but one thing The Hague has, is diversity. More that 180 ethnic groups live in this 600,000 people city. People from The Netherlands – but especially The Hague – are open minded and free spirited souls. We do not give up easily, unless we fall in love. Tough – likable, and swearing like sailors…

The Hague Urban
Faces on The Hague Streets

During one of my many street – walks I take pictures of people on the street. Most are done “candid” – secretly. This one was made by my wife. I spotted the guy, but she “pulled the trigger”. I like this shot, because – for me – this tells a story. It’s my story and you will have yours…

Setting for this shot were: F 4.5 – 1/40 s – 92 mm – ISO 100. Post – processing was done using DarkTable and Gimp running on a Linux workstation.

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