LCF215卷筒数码覆 膜模切一体机

Product number:

Intec Printing Solutions are proud to introduce the new LCF215 digital label finishing solution. The LCF215 was
developed with performance and affordability in mind to provide the perfect finishing solution for labels produced from
the Intec range of digital colour label printers.
This incredibly compact unit includes easy roll loading for lamination, contour cutting, matrix removal and slitting.
Combining robust engineering with precision registration, with the ability to select from one to three registration points, it
ensures complete cutting accuracy and finishing performance.
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More flexibility to create your own shapesand sizes.

Finish your digitally printed labels reliably at impressive speeds of up to 3 metres per minute.

Use DIRECT-CUT, driven through Adobe (R) Illustrator or CorelDraw* for contour cutting of rolls into any shaped label instantly!

Laminate labels to provide additional surface protection and light fastness.

Short webbing path for quick and easy removal of waste.

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